Wild Game Processing

Operating a full service taxidermy shop, the number 1 complaint we've heard over the years about processing is that the hunter doesn't get his animal back!  We pride ourselves in working on one order at a time, in small batches, which ensures that our clients get THEIR harvest home.

What we offer:


*It all starts with Basic Cuts (Steaks, Roast, Ground and Stew). 


*Then with YOUR meat we can make:


-German Sausage (A favorite grilling sausage)

-Green Chili Sausage (Taste of New Mexico)

-Jalapeno & Cheese Sausage (For those who like a little heat)

-Breakfast Sausage (Regular, Maple or Hot)

-Smoked Summer Sausage (Regular or Jalapeno/Cheese)

-Hamburger Patties (Regular or Jalapeno/Cheese)

-Bacon Wrapped Filets

-Tenderized Steaks

Flavors that are unique to Wild West!


-Salami (Regular or Jalapeno/Cheese)

-Dry Rings (A South Texas favorite)

-Old German Style Thick Jerky (Won't break your teeth)

-Shotgun Shells (A piece of your meat, a slice of jalapeno, then   wrapped in bacon and ready for the grill!)

-Biltong (South African dried meat, similar to jerky)

Quick Price Guide: (Please call us or stop in the shop for more detailed pricing)

--Basic Cuts---------------$1.25/lb. (100# minimum)

--Sausages-----------------$4/lb. to $5.50/lb

--Jerky, Dry Rings and 


-Boxes and skinning included in the Basic cut!

-Ground meat is packaged in approx. 1 lb. chubs.

-All other cuts, sausages, or dried meats are vacuum sealed.

-Prices are subject to change due to market pricing of pork.

-Shipping Available in the lower 48!