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  • 1/2 Life Mounts-70% cost of Life Size
  • Horn/Antler Repairs $75 & up
  • Pedestal mount prices do not include habitat or Wood Base
  • Custom Wall Habitats can be added to any shoulder mount or wall pedestal for 30% cost of Mount
  • Scoring any species $20, unless for  official scoring for TBGA.
  • Freeze Drying available for velvet antlers
  • Prices Subject to Change at any time
  • Alterations are an additional charge
  • These prices are for standard poses, custom poses are extra

North American Prices

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African Price List

Exotics of the World Price List

Rugs & Soft Tans

*CM-Closed Mouth
Any Species can be rugged, call for custom quote if a species is not listed.

Europeans & Metal Cladding

Birds, Fish, Snakes and Novelty

  • Birds & Fish come standard on a drift wood base.  

  • Custom habitats are extra.

  • Snakes come Standard on a sand base.

  • Custom "Butt" bottle openers come with customized wording and wood panel.

  • All Migratory birds require 100% payment, due to federal regulations.

  • Fish are Replicas ONLY

  • Snakes need to be dead before they are brought to the shop.

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